Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moving the blog

OK so I'm consolidating all the things into one page. Please head over to http://www.kjhitt.com to continue following my story!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

So remember how I said I don't keep up with blogs well? Yeah... told ya so.

Anyway Happy 2014 to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve and no one did anything stupid - at least that was caught on camera and could haunt you later. We had a great time with good friends, tons of food, and lots of drinks and yet still I had no hangover. I consider that an excellent start to the new year.

I have a LOT of things I've been meaning to blog about but honestly have not had the time. November/December is the busiest time of year at my day job and between extra days/hours at work and trying to get Christmas ready for the children the few times I did have a second to sit down I basically just vegged. But with a new year comes new chances. I've made a few resolutions for the year. In no particular order they are:

1. Blog more. I'm getting a new tablet to help with that. So when I'm sitting on the couch watching one of the zillion movies I got for Christmas and/or my birthday I won't have the excuse of not wanting to go to the computer in the other room.

2. Eat healthier and be more active. Yes weight loss is a goal but it'll come with the eating better and moving more so I'm going to just try to do those and let the rest come as it will. We have a gym membership and a treadmill at home. Time to use them more.

3. Actually do all the things I say I'm going to do. (#1 sort of goes with that)

Upcoming blogs for your reading and viewing (yes viewing) pleasure:

1. The Fine Art of Fangirling (this one has actually been in draft form for, oh, a month or so now)

2. Xbox One review (yes we got that bad boy at midnight on launch day, first ones in line at Gamestop!)

3. LootCrate unboxing video (one of my Christmas presents from the hubby so as per instructions in the box I must do a video of my unboxing of the LootCrate awesomeness each month) If you don't know what LootCrate is you will.

4. Doctor Who and Sherlock! (do I really need an explanation for this one?)

So there you go. A post to let you know that I am indeed alive and kicking and have things coming up that you might like. So here's to 2014 and the year of the Geek Goddess!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Countdown to Xbox One

So I think I mentioned I'm a gamer. Let me clarify that a bit. I have gaming in my blood. How do I know this? When I was in high school I had a son. Long story short my dad and stepmom adopted him, he grew up knowing everything, we have a great relationship and he's now in his second year of collage at SCAD (Southern College of Art and Design). He's going to make video games. After marrying my first husband I had twins, a boy and a girl. Since about fourth grade (long before knowing what his half brother was planning on doing with his life) my son has said he wanted to make video games for a living. He's in seventh grade now, taking computer animation classes, and already doing some beginning game programming. Then I married my current husband and love of my life who had two kids of his own and all three of them game as well. So not only do all six of us game, but two of my children are determined to make them as well.

So when I say we're a gaming family I mean it. And when I say we're counting down to the Xbox One release I am completely serious.  My husband announces the days and hours pretty much every morning. He's so cute when he fanboys.

November 3rd, 2013 in Dallas was the Xbox One, Area One event. It was also our one year wedding anniversary. How did we spend it? Demoing Xbox One games from 11am until about 5pm of course! That's right, on our one year anniversary I was kicking my husband's ass at Killer Instinct on the Xbox One.  It was a beautiful thing. I loved Killer Instinct way back in the day and to see it out again had me giddy. Then there was Dead Rising 3 and the electrified hammer. It is a-freaking-mazing, people, let me tell ya. Of course we had pre-ordered the Xbox and the Day One games already (Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Assassin's Creed 4 - pirates OMG!) and we'll be grabbing Ryse as well. We just finished paying it all off today actually. To sum it up - WE ARE READY! We'll be at the midnight release ready to game the weekend away. If things are interesting I might live blog it some. We'll see.

But why not a PS4 you ask? Why go with Xbox? And what about gaming on your desktop instead?

I'm not going to get into the flame wars that the console lovers are fighting all over the net. I have nothing against the PS4. When we have the money we'll get one of those too. But for launch the Xbox had more of what we wanted, and honestly it's the console we play the most. We have three Xbox 360s right now and need one more - living room, our bedroom, the boys's room and one for the girls's room. Like I said, we all game and we don't always share well. First world problems, I know. And as for desktop gaming - the number of games we have in our Steam library is stupid large. We got that area covered too don't worry.

While I got to play the Xbox One at the event in November, I'm going to hold off on my full review of it until I have it in my hot little hands and can really see what all it can do. So stay tuned for a series of blogs reviewing the console itself as well as the games over the next couple of months. Less than a week to go!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play some more Batman: Arkham Origins and download the Bioshock Infinite DLC, Buried at Sea while I wait.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog all the things!!

I've tried this before. Back when diaries were the way to go I tried that. Bought a very pretty one. Didn't write a damn thing. Years later it was LiveJournal. Tried that too and even managed to write a bit. Then stopped. See my mind works in mysterious ways. There's a lot of voices up there and sometimes they just go silent (which is a bit frightening because then it gets way to quiet). Sometimes only a couple will be moving about in the cobwebs in my head and I'll start plotting a story - and maybe even writing it. And then sometimes, like now, every single damn one of them wakes up and throws a freaking rave and - I start blogging.

This blog will likely be something akin to a review blog. I have a lot of interests. I will probably write about them. I'm tend to get really excited about a lot of things and can't really focus on just one thi.... ooo shiney! Right, sorry. Where was I? Oh yes - what is this blog about. You'll probably find my thoughts on movies *cough*Thor*cough*, gaming (Xbox Live gamertag is CelticAngel76 add me!), TV, music, photography (the hubby and I do some concert photography, check Pit Freaks), books... you get the idea. And life in general. I am often told I have an exciting and cool life. I guess we'll see if you all agree or not.

It's been a while, so be gentle with me. But I've found myself wanting to put thoughts down on paper - or screen as the case may be - more and more lately and while I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter like woah, this is really more the place for what I'm wanting to do. So you might get a lot of posts, and you might get only a couple, and you might get a nice steady stream. Who knows. We'll see what happens.

In any case, welcome to my mind! Pay no attention to the shadows in the corners, they don't bite.