Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog all the things!!

I've tried this before. Back when diaries were the way to go I tried that. Bought a very pretty one. Didn't write a damn thing. Years later it was LiveJournal. Tried that too and even managed to write a bit. Then stopped. See my mind works in mysterious ways. There's a lot of voices up there and sometimes they just go silent (which is a bit frightening because then it gets way to quiet). Sometimes only a couple will be moving about in the cobwebs in my head and I'll start plotting a story - and maybe even writing it. And then sometimes, like now, every single damn one of them wakes up and throws a freaking rave and - I start blogging.

This blog will likely be something akin to a review blog. I have a lot of interests. I will probably write about them. I'm tend to get really excited about a lot of things and can't really focus on just one thi.... ooo shiney! Right, sorry. Where was I? Oh yes - what is this blog about. You'll probably find my thoughts on movies *cough*Thor*cough*, gaming (Xbox Live gamertag is CelticAngel76 add me!), TV, music, photography (the hubby and I do some concert photography, check Pit Freaks), books... you get the idea. And life in general. I am often told I have an exciting and cool life. I guess we'll see if you all agree or not.

It's been a while, so be gentle with me. But I've found myself wanting to put thoughts down on paper - or screen as the case may be - more and more lately and while I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter like woah, this is really more the place for what I'm wanting to do. So you might get a lot of posts, and you might get only a couple, and you might get a nice steady stream. Who knows. We'll see what happens.

In any case, welcome to my mind! Pay no attention to the shadows in the corners, they don't bite.


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